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Tailored support for personal growth and healing through individual counseling.

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Today you are one step closer to a new you where you feel empowered and on a positive path to growth and well-being.

Seeking out therapy is an individual choice. There are many reasons why people come to counseling. I work with a wide range of emotional and behavioral issues, providing services that span from therapy for depression, anxiety, and grief/loss to couples counseling, parenting support, anger management and more. In a comfortable and supportive environment you will experience a highly personalized approach tailored to your own individual needs, with the intention of helping you attain the personal growth you are striving for and achieve your goals. I offer both secular and faith-based counseling.

Nancy Spears

Marriage & Family Therapist, MA, LMFT

I am a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist specializing in couples, individual, and family therapy. As a private practitioner in Murfreesboro, TN, I work with a broad spectrum of clients. My areas of expertise include but are not limited to: Marital and Premarital Couples Counseling; Highly-Conflicted Couples Intensive Counseling; Trauma Therapy; Anger Management (court-ordered and self-referred); Stress Management; Depression, Anxiety, PTSD, and Grief/Bereavement; Individual, Couple, and Family Systems Therapy; and Parenting Support (court-ordered and self-referred).

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Eye Movement Desensitization & Reprocessing (EMDR)

Experience healing and empowerment through Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) therapy, a proven method for processing past traumas and transforming negative beliefs, leading to lasting emotional freedom.

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Relationship Issues

Resolve conflicts and strengthen bonds with our relationship issue counseling.

Family Conflict

Navigate family conflicts with expert support, fostering understanding and harmony.

Anger Management

Transform anger into empowerment with our expert-led management program.

Marriage Counseling

Strengthen your bond and reignite love with our marriage counseling.

Premarital Counseling

Build a solid foundation for a lifetime of love with our premarital counseling.

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It is my firm belief that each client has value and the right to expect to be treated with compassion, empathy, and respect. My hope is that you will find this counseling center to be a safe haven and a place of healing, peace, and freedom to explore the nuances that make you who you are and encourage you to be all that you were intended to be.

While we can’t change difficult situations of the past, we can work together to better understand and resolve challenges in your life today. We will unearth long-standing behavior patterns or negative perceptions that may be holding you back from experiencing a more fulfilling and meaningful life. Appropriate support and practical feedback help clients effectively address personal life challenges.


What Our Client Says

Nancy Spears is a gifted listener and confidante. I met with Nancy several times. She has an amazing ability to listen to words and decipher the heart. My life and relationships will forever be better after receiving counseling services from her. I appreciate her sensitive, kind and compassionate spirit.
Amy Luv
I met Nancy Spears 10 years ago and I cherished her friendship ever since. Every day when we ran into each other she never hesitated to look out for my well being and saw me as one of her own sons which she will admit to by the way. I trust her character and her can do spirit with anyone who seeks her counsel. She will always warm you with a comforting smile, a handy ear and a creative mind. In short whomever seeks her counsel is in good hands.
Christian Hurd
I have known Nancy for many years. I received counseling from her after the accidental death of my husband. She is one of the most caring, compassionate and loving people I know. She will be a friend for life and I highly recommend her.
Paula Duffy
Nancy has really been there for me and my whole family. She is patient and extremely good at listening to what you have to say. I would recommend her (and have recommended her) to anyone who needs solid feedback/or just someone to talk to.
April Haeussler
Nancy and I met at a camp and I learned of her Counseling business. We were able to get 2 or 3 hours during the conference for me share my issues and pray together. She has sent me a message every day since then on my email. What a help she is!
Virginia Patton
Nancy cares. She cares about people and wants to help them in situations they find themselves in. She has both the education and experience to assist people get through stuff in their lives. I highly recommend that people seek her out when there is a need for professional help.
Phil Medlin
Nancy is a very compassionate therapist. She made me feel special and that my concerns could be managed in a safe space.
Patricia Pfingsten

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